Brittany Williams Portfolio Project

Stanola Lodge

Stanola lodge it probably one of my favorite logos to date. This project was for a historic lodge located on the West Shore of Lake Tahoe. This restoration lodge was orginally built in the 1950s and was loved desination for many  travelers & locals including the famous actor, Buster Keaton.

In this logo I wanted to capture not only Tahoe, but also a bit of the Buster Keaton era, which was reflected in the hat & typography.  The idea of the lazy bear was inspired by photo of a real bear rolling in the grass. I felt that this well reflected the relaxing experience that the Stanola Lodge had to offer its guests.

The watercolor style was first requested by the client. From there, I created multiple versions of this logo to work in a variety of settings & applications, including 2-color & 1-color versions.